BRUITISME #2 at T.O.T.E.M, Maxéville. 26.07.14

TALWEG vs MESA OF THE LOST WOMEN. The free-music post no-wave of Mesa inviting the darkness sound forges of Talweg for an ecstasy dance. It was a pleasurable apocalypse full of sound and fury. 
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  I like introduce some of my favorite japanese female singers who haunt my own music. I never could thanksfull them enough for their inspiration and deep feeling they moved my heart and soul. Enka or kayo-kokyu, both have same roots in japanese melancolia. All these singers were famous in japan, this closed world before internet open our windows.   Maki Asakawa https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPfkOjQLLpM   Carmen Maki https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBCHdP7hWgU   Haco Yamazaki ... [Lire la suite]
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ENKA MOOD COLLECTION vol.1 - An'archives

情趣演歌 Enka mood collection Jojo Hiroshige | Shiraishi Tamio 10 inch LP, comes in a silkscreened gatefold jacket with obi, inserts, postcard. Liner notes by Alan Cummings Text by Michel Henritzi ltd to 200 copies Side A of this split LP features  self-proclained “King of Noise”, Jojo Hiroshige, founder member of the legendary  Hijokaidan and stalwart of the Japanese noise scene. The B-side is engraved with the naked and guttural voice of sax-player Tamio Shiraishi, accompanied here by guitarist Malenkov Both sides... [Lire la suite]
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KEIKO FUJI, a star is gone

keiko fuji est morte le 22 aout 2013, elle s'est jetée dans le vide à shinjuku. a star is gone. j'ai découvert ce disque dans un jazz kissa enfumé de kyoto, blues sensuels m'accompagnant jusqu'au bout de la nuit, spleen dans l'âme, un sake triste devant moi.  mon top ten 1 - yume wa yoru iraku, 2 - ona no iji, 3 - kyoto kara hakata made, 4 - hashigo zake, 5 - abashiri bangaichi, 6 - namid hito shizuku, 7 - sasurai, 8 - kyo de owakare, 9 - kiri no mashu ko, 10 - shirisugita none.
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RINJI FUKUOKA / MICHEL HENRITZI / JUNKO "Billions Years of Sighs" Split LP on An'Archives

    split record on an'archives (fra).  Side A - "Tsuki No Namida" Junko (voc) + Michel Henritzi (lapsteel).  Live at Atelier Claus, Brussels. 2011 Side B - "Taiyo No Maiso" Rinji Fukuoka (violin, percussions, voc) + Michel Henritzi (lapsteel) Live at Liceo Mutante, Pontevedra & live at Monosuno, Madrid. 2011 Mastered by C.L and Rinji Fukuoka http://anarchives.wordpress.com/
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O'DEATH JUG "The Ballad of Sad Cafe", N.O.T #31

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Another meeting of Japan’s finest screecher Junko and French guitarist Michel Henritzi is documented on Fear Of Music / Berlin With Love (L’ESPRIT DE L’ESCALIER LELE 01). These two studio recordings from 2012 aren’t so much prime examples of improvisation, but about combination of the sounds they make, Junko’s animalistic cries whimpering in a shrill high register, while the guitar occupies a mid-level range with semi-tuneful strums and riffs. Henritzi’s sound, to me, is always redolent of melancholy and decay; rarely more so than... [Lire la suite]
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  MICHEL HENRITZI Yokohama No Shadows Dyin'Ghost Records CD £10.99  Remarkable set of solo and collaborative work from this French avant guitarist, with a heady Japanese underground feel and sleeves silkscreened by Alan Sherry at SIWA: Henritzi is joined by Akiko Hotaka on vocals, A Qui Avec Gabriel on accordion and voice, Tetuzi Akiyama on electric guitar, Shinichi Isohata on acoustic guitar, Cedric Lerouley on strings, Reiko Imanishi on Koto and Rinji Fukuoka on flamenco guitar. Henritzi’s tone is... [Lire la suite]
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