After 2 first issues An'archives releases a new opus for its "Enka Mood Collection"

Enka is japanese popular music version of Blues, Chanson or Fado. Kind of sentimental songs about lost loves, missing of "furusato" (origine born country), melancolia alcohol night. It was very popular music form from 50s to 70s, most of Japanese know some of these songs, who had their diva like Hibari Misora, Sachiko Nishida or Naomi Chiaki. 

An'archives had proposed to several japanese underground musicians to re-appropriate these songs for 12 inch split records. First one is a split with noise guitar player Jojo Hiroshige (Hijokïdan) and alto sax Tamio Shiraishi. Second one is the dandy Tori Kudo who sung in karaoke and accordeon player A Qui Avec Gabriel.

The third one just released is a split with the duo with the leader of psychedelic band Up-Tight Aoki and the sax player Harutaka Mochizuki. Other side is experimental duo with Hirotomo Hasegawa and Shizuo Uchida on bass.

All records are very beautiful object with incredible music of deep soul of Japanese hearts and souls. 

You could order or get more infos on this link :

Enka 3 cover


Aqui - Tori Kudo