17.04 BERLIN at N.K + Ramleh

“So you want to be a musician ? Just take a fucking guitar… and then, what else ?

Well, let’s say just a few more things : of past let’s make a tabula rasa, let’s sack History, let’s destroy idols, let’s knock down rock catechism… Let’s clean up the whole thing and make the genuine rock’n’roll expresses its savagery, the one that had been repressed since Jerry Lee Lewis… Let’s take back things just where the Stooges left them with L.A. blues, when they throwed their eyes towards free jazz and white noise….

Let’s remember : the fanzine Sniffin’ Glue once invited everyone being able to play three chords to create a band while Connie Burg, from Mars, wasn’t even imagining playing two of them ! So why not just running up and down the fretboard as a slide, played fervently just like being under amphetamines, would do ? In NYC : Pat Place and the Contortions, Lydia Lunch & Teenage Jesus… In France, some times later, their potential heirs would call themselves Dustbreeders : “I’m psycho 4 your love” as they used to claim.

Lester Bangs had already praised L.A. blues from the Stooges, Vincebus Eruptum from Blue Cheer, Metal Music Machine from Lou Reed and A Taste of DNA… A brand new grammar spelt in the margins and Dustbreeders heard it, in secret noise at night disordered, breeding of dust in the building ruined by the perverse Countess.

Borbetomagus/Dustbreeders, two trios and, for both of them, you’ll find the same geyser of brutal energy, the same continuous metallic scraps of noises and, dripping from everywhere, the same visceral exhortations. Saxes and guitar for the yankeesmange-disques and (now) guitars for the frenchies but, for both of them, voodoo-distortions, hysterical atomization, psycho-funny lacerations. A chaotic and cathartic experience : what can’t be told with words can be told with noise.

by philippe robert in merzbo-derek