We'll be on tour with Junko in November. I'm happy to tour again together. She is so amazing voice. Like Daniel Lowenbruck said she is "La grande Dame of Shriek". I remember our first meeting in Tokyo in 2002, her kindness. We played together for the first time in a live house in Kichioji, Tokyo. I proposed her to come in Europe for tour with Dustbreeders and record her first solo LP "Sleeping Beauty". I was surprised than she accepted join Yves, Thierry and myself. It was kind of Idol for me since i bought my first Hijokaidan "No harms, no Paris", several years before. That's sounds like nothing else. A great experience.

We take the road again in duo and with Dustbreeders. She'll tour with Mesa of the Lost Women too. In same time after her first solo boxset "The Very Best Of Junko", a second one with our collaborations will be out October's beginning (5 CDs + 1 DVD). 

- 04.11 NANTES (La Fabrique)

- 05.11 BOURGES (Beaux-Arts)

- 06.11 ANGERS (PAD)

- 07.11 ROTTERDAM (Worm)

- 08.11 ANTWERPEN (Stadslimiet)

(my apologies for black & white picture i dont know the author name, beautiful one. colors pics by vincent guilbert)



Junko 02