henritzi yokohama cover


Yokohama No Shadows 

Dyin'Ghost Records CD £10.99 

Remarkable set of solo and collaborative work from this French avant guitarist, with a heady Japanese underground feel and sleeves silkscreened by Alan Sherry at SIWA: Henritzi is joined by Akiko Hotaka on vocals, A Qui Avec Gabriel on accordion and voice, Tetuzi Akiyama on electric guitar, Shinichi Isohata on acoustic guitar, Cedric Lerouley on strings, Reiko Imanishi on Koto and Rinji Fukuoka on flamenco guitar. Henritzi’s tone is somewhere between the most lunar late period electric sound of John Fahey, Loren Connors’ lucid Venusian blues and Christina Carter and there are a bunch of dazzling strategies on display here. The tracks with female vocalists – Hotaka, Gabriel – are masterful lessons in the devastating use of the space whisper as an acid folk avatar ala the work of Reiko Kudo, Ai Aso et al. The duo guitar piece with Akiyama is devastating in its magisterial slow motion drama ala Hell’s Kitchen Park while Henritzi’s solo work comes over like an orchestra of minor chord Robert Fripps playing post-Affection folk/blues eternities. Throw in a devastating cover of Kazuki Tomokawa’s “Dance” and you have one of the best ‘solo’ guitar sides ever to escape the prodigious gravity of PSF. Been playing this one a hell of a lot, highly recommended! 

(c) david keenan / volcanic tongue