Michel Henritzi – guitars, lapsteel, amp ...

From abstract blues to noise.

Perform and recorded with : Kumiko Karino, Junko, Rinji Fukuoka, A Qui Avec Gabriel, Masayoshi Urabe, Chie Mukaï, Tamio Shiraishi, K.Mical, Yukiko Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama, Taku Sugimoto, Shin’ichi Isohata, Toshimaru Nakamura, Masafumi Ezaki, Ami Yoshida, Ito Atsuhiro, Jojo Hiroshige, Fumio Kosakai, Kiyoharu Kuwayama, Tetsuo Furudate,  Mattin, Bruce Russell, Miguel Prado, Ivar Grydeland, Luca Massolin, Quentin Dubost, Bruno Fernandes, Nicolas Moulin, Fergus Cullen, A (aka Greg Henrion), Aya Onishi & the Nihilist Spasm Band.

Member of : Dustbreeders (w. Yves Botz and Thierry Delles), Howlin’Ghost Proletarians (w. Fabrice Eglin), Mile of String (w. Thierry Delles) O Death Jug (w. Christophe Langlade) Dana Valser (w. Eva Fernandez and Christophe Langlade)

Concerts in : France, Japan, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Belgie, Neederland, Germany, Danemark, England and Ireland.Walking_in_the_shadow

Discography :

Michel Henritzi & junko "Behind the Door" LP on Blossoming Noise (upcoming)

Michel Henritzi & Rinji Fukuoka "Descent to the Sun" LP on Bambalam (Fra) 2014

Junko "Noise of Voice" 5XCD + 1DVD (jap) 2014

O'Death Jug "The Ballad of Sad Cafe" CDR N.O.T (Fra) 2014

Michel Henritzi & Rinji Fukuoka "Eclipse in Berlin" Cassette (Fra) 2014

Junko "Voice & Destoroy" 2XCD Teichiku (jap) 2014

Michel Henritzi / Junko / Rinji Fukuoka "Billions Years of Sight" split LP An'archives (Fra) 2014

Michel Henritzi & Junko  "Moi Non Plus / Shibari" 7' Anarchofreaks (fra) 2013

Michel Henritzi "Yokohama No Shadows" CD - Dyin' Ghosts (fra) 2013

Michel Henritzi & Rinji Fukuoka "Le Jardin Bizarre" CD - An'archives (fra) 2013

Michel Henritzi & Junko "Fear of Music / Berlin, w.Love" 7' - L'Esprit de l'Escalier (usa) 2013

Michel Henritzi & Junko "Live/Dead" CDR - Les Champs Brûlent (fra) 2012

Michel Henritzi & Rinji Fukuoka "Outside Darkness" CD - PSF (japon) 2011 

Michel Henritzi "Walking in the Shadow" CDR - N.O.T (fra) 2011

Michel Henritzi "Kyoto No Tsuki & Dyin' Shadows" CDR - Dyin Ghost Rec. (fra) 2011 

Michel Henritzi & Junko "Berlin No Tsuki" CDR - Tochnit-Aleph (germany) 2010

Michel Henritzi, Junko & E+S=B "Dublin No Tsuki" CDR - Last Of Our Kind (ireland) 2009

Michel Henritzi, Junko & Masayoshi Urabe "Ecstasy of the Angels" CD - Opposite (usa) 2009

Michel Henritzi "Shinjuku Blues & Whispering Shadows", CDR - Dyin'Ghost records (fra) 2009

V.A "Inner Ends of the Coils", CDR - Nothing Out There (fra) 2009

Michel Henritzi "Walking with the Shadows" MP3 - Laraskito (spain) 2009

Michel Henritzi, Junko, Aya Onishi & Rinji Fukuoka "Live", CDR - Anarchives (fra) 2008

Michel Henritzi, Junko & Mattin "Je t'aime!" CDR - Absurd (greece) 2008

Michel Henritzi "Nothing" CDR - Dyin'Ghost records (fra) 2008

Michel Henritzi, Shin'ichi Isohata, Xavier Charles "duo(s)" CDR - o-musubi (japon) 2008

Michel Henritzi & Tetuzi Akiyama "broken blues" CDR - Absurd (greece) 2007

Michel Henritzi (feat. Bruce Russ ell, Taku Unami, Shin’ichi Isohata, Mattin) " Keith Rowe serves Imperialism " CD - wmo/r (eusk) 2006

Michel Henritzi, Rinji Fukuoka & Kumiko Karino " Live at U.F.O Club " DVD- There (japon) 2006

Michel Henritzi / Brandon Labelle / Minoru sato / Guiseppe Ielasi / Achim Wollscheid " Social Music " Book + CD - Errant Bodies (usa) 2002

V.A " Meeting at Offsite vol.1 " CD - IMJ (japon) 2002

Howlin'Ghost Proletarians "The Last Farewell" miniCDR - Nothing Out There (fra) 2009

Howlin’Ghost Proletarians " The Singer " CDR - Absurd (greece) 2006

Howlin’Ghost Proletarians " Dead Roads " CDR - Absurd (greece) 2004

Dustbreeders & Junko "s.t" DVDR - 0E dans l'O (france) 2006

Dustbreeders / Guilty Connector " Bells " CDR - Utsu Tapes (japon) 2003

Dustbreeders & Junko " Mommy Close the Door " CD - Starlight Furnitures (usa) 2003

Dustbreeders " Le Proces Cannibal " LP - Elevage de Poussière (france) 1999

Dustbreeders "Starship of slaves / Promenade dissonance" 7' - Non Mi Piace Rec (france)

Dustbreeders "Poem for chairs, bench & turnin tools / Cargo" 7' - Elevage de Poussière (france)

Dustbreeders "I'm Psycho 4 yur love" 7' - Elevage de Poussière (france) 


"City of Mirrors" a film by Truong Minh Quy

"April's Shadows" a film by Vincent Guilbert

"Un train pour Obaida" a film by Kristof Guez

"Heritage" a film by Benoit Perraud 

"Ghost World" a film by Jerome Boulbes